Chapter 0140: First Lesson

Mentor Chi Chan closed her eyes and felt out Li Luo's body. He stared back at her black-veiled face intensely.


She mused.

His heart almost stopped. "You have a water resonance and a wood resonance, right? Your water resonance feels like a sixth-grade, but the purity... strange. It's comparable to an upper seventh… Your wood resonance is much weaker, only a fourth-grade, but it has the same strange purity."

She looked at him curiously. "Did you use some special treasure? Your resonant power is quite high quality."

"Perhaps." Li Luo shrugged vaguely.

She was intrigued, but not too surprised. Li Luo was the young lord of House Luolan after all. His parents were Duke experts, and it was not surprising that they would leave him treasures to improve his resonant power purity.

"Li Luo, your second resonance grade might not be high, but having dual resonances is your greatest advantage. It's a power not usually unlocked before the Duke Stage.

"Although you cannot possibly master both fully, even skimming the top is enough for you to enjoy a unique advantage.

"Use your dual resonances."

Li Luo complied, calling forth blue and green in a splendid color display around him.

Bai Mengmeng and Xin Fu watched with interest. It was their first time seeing someone with dual resonances before the Duke Stage.

"Your resonant power... you have two resonances, but not a dual resonance. You cannot even combine them in a simple manner." She shook her head. "A true dual resonance is perfectly melded; a single resonant power with two distinct properties. The resulting power is far stronger than ordinary resonant power.

"In your current state, you would have to channel water resonant power to use a water resonance technique and then switch to wood resonant power to use a wood resonance technique. It's too complicated and tricky. Your opponent will easily break through the gaps."

Li Luo thought this over. Indeed, his two resonant powers were very clearly separated. They could be used in a way that did not interfere with each other, but they were not combined.

He was just not strong enough.

"Want to see a real dual resonance?" she asked with a proud smile.

Li Luo nodded eagerly.

She lifted her palm and called forth a roaring wave of resonant power. The sound of water filled the training room.

And then he saw the gushing water resonant power coalesce before Mentor Chi Chan, forming a blue tiger that stood ten feet tall at the shoulders.

It was deep blue in color, but it had a sparkle like jade. Its roar was an earsplitting roar of both tiger and ocean.

Li Luo trembled as he looked at it. The blue tiger looked so real.

"My first resonance, as you should be able to tell, is a water resonance.

"Do you know my second?" Chi Chan asked.

Li Luo took a closer look at the blue tiger. "A beast resonance?" he ventured.

She inclined her head. "Indeed, my second resonance is an upper seventh-grade jade tiger resonance."

Li Luo was awed all over again. No wonder she was an ambivalent character of calm and fierceness. Her second resonance was... a mother tiger.

This time, she could not glean Li Luo's train of thought from the look on his face. "This blue jadewater tiger is the amalgamation of both my resonances. It has the supine power of my water resonance, and also the ferocity of my jade tiger...

"It is very strong. Ordinary Heavenly Dipper Generals cannot even take a single swipe from its paw."

Li Luo was impressed. This was what a Duke's dual resonance could achieve? Heavenly Dipper Generals were already quite a force to be reckoned with in his book. But they would be smacked into oblivion by this blue tiger. He was made keenly aware of just how strong a Duke expert was.

Compared to this, the two separate powers within him were as unmerged as could be.

He wasn't discouraged. Although dual resonances were hard to cultivate, he was already one leg in. Others weren't even qualified to start this journey.

And he was pleased with the power that was promised, on display before him.

"Cultivating dual resonances comes in three steps. First, a minor merging. Second, two becoming one. Thirdly, sentience. For those at the Duke Stage, they normally do not need any special cultivation, and the third step comes naturally for them. Of course, that's for Duke cultivators. Don't try jumping the gun.

"If you can reach the first step, you'll be able to combine the two powers for a short while. That alone will allow you to fight like a fish in water at the Resonant Master Stage.

"Next, I will force your two resonant powers to merge through external power every day. You need to get the feeling of two powers merging, and try to get them to interact.

"Don't expect to get there any time soon. You're not at the Duke level. Take it slowly," she counseled.

Li Luo nodded eagerly. "Thank you, Mentor," he said gratefully.

Only a true Duke expert could guide him to experience dual resonance cultivation properly. If he were to experiment it alone, who knew how much effort and time he would take?

"Also, you're learning the refining arts?

"I have some understanding of the refining arts. I'm a passable seventh-grade resonance artificer, and also hold a post at the Resonance Artificers Hall... You can ask me if you have questions about that aspect as well," she mentioned off-handedly.

Li Luo blinked. "Great Mentor, Madam, I would very much like to stick to you like a wart. May I?"

That was what he would really love to say to her now.

A seventh-grade resonance artificer was considered top-class in the Xia Kingdom.

If one wanted to bring their villa to the top ten level, a seventh-grade resonance artificer was an anchor of top-class reputation.

Having one guide him in the refining arts... This wasn't a mentor, this was an angel!

He realized just how much of a leg up it was to secure a Violet Vibrance mentor.

She gave him a few more pointers, then she turned to Xin Fu and Bai Mengmeng. Before they knew it, most of the day had passed.

"We'll stop here for today. Our future lessons will be conducted similarly. I have no strict demands of you, but there is a ranking battle in the Astral Sage College at the end of every month. They are team battles, not individual ones. Those that place well will win school points. They are one of the numerous ways available to accumulate points.

"Also, if a Violet Vibrance team is overtaken by a Gold Gleam team three times consecutively, then the weakest of that team might be eliminated. Of course, exceptions can be made, such as for excellent refining researchers like Mengmeng..." she said to them.

They nodded seriously.

It looked like Violet Vibrance students couldn't let their guard down one bit.

After enjoying the perks of a Violet Vibrance mentor, none of them were willing to let them go. Li Luo was feeling this acutely now.

However, kicking him down to 30th place was quite out of the question.

Although... that Yu Lang punk might be in danger.

Li Luo frowned, worried.

Hopefully, the wastrel would buck up...

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