Chapter 0138: Group Dynamics

In another building, while Li Luo was being sabotaged into becoming the leader by default.

Yu Lang was sitting docilely on his futon, with Bai Doudou and another youth called Qiu Luo to his left and right.

In front of them was a scrappy-haired guy who just looked really dowdy overall. He stretched out lazily. This was the Violet Vibrance mentor called Mi Er.

"Well, I've told y'all all y'all need to know. Anyways, work hard, eh," Mi Er said, getting to his feet.

"Anything else to ask?"

Yu Lang and Bai Doudou shook their heads, but Qiu Luo shot Yu Lang a haughty look. "Teacher, I want to know why we have such a weak teammate.

"Put bluntly, he will only drag us down. He might even affect our team's evaluation score."

Yu Lang's eyelid twitched, but his smile remained in place. He stayed silent.

Bai Doudou frowned slightly.

Mentor Mi Er smiled back. "Why must you slight your teammate so?"

"I'm not slighting him. That's just the level he’s on. I don't like carrying deadweight around. Sixth-grade resonance, Ninth Seal cultivation? He is not fit to be my teammate."

Mentor Mi Er stroked his chin. "Well, I had a sixth-grade wind resonance myself back when I became a Duke."

Qiu Luo was shocked. "But still, not every sixth-grade resonance cultivator can mirror Mentor's achievements," he argued.

Mentor Mi Er smiled. "Yu Lang might not be as naturally gifted as you are, but he will be a good teammate. Trust me."

He turned and left.

Qiu Luo shook his head in frustration. "I have no idea how you fumbled your way into a violet talisman, but if you force your way into a class above your own, the only one who will suffer is yourself.

"You will see that even the Gold Gleam students will overtake you," he said as a parting shot.

Yu Lang frowned slightly as he watched Qiu Luo go.

"Taunts are just hot air. If you believe in yourself, work hard and chase him," Bai Doudou said neutrally.

"The only thing scorn does is fuel my motivation!" Yu Lang vowed. "Qiu Luo, eh..."

Bai Doudou nodded to herself. Yu Lang might seem wayward, but he was quite a passionate guy. Perhaps some provocation from Qiu Luo would turn out to be constructive.

"I'll get my good brother Li Luo to beat him up!" Yu Lang finished with vindictive triumph.

Bai Doudou almost bit her tongue. She clutched her chest. How naive had she been? Had she really believed in this guy for a moment?

She shot him a glare of disgust and turned away as well.

Yu Lang watched her leave. He gave a bitter chuckle and then sighed.

It seemed being a Violet Vibrance student wasn't going to be a walk in the park...


"You guys drink?"

Lu Qing'er looked at the burly middle-aged man grinning as he clutched a wine jar. He spoke to them with a companionable air, as though ready to pour for them if they indicated.

Lu Qing'er was a little troubled.

This was her Violet Vibrance mentor, Cao Sheng?

He didn't look reliable at all.

She sighed inwardly. Beside her, Yin Yue was shaking her head as well. She looked to be quite the cultured lady. It seemed like the two of them were the only sane ones in the room.

Which brought her to the last person. Qin Zhulu stood impassively in a corner, leaving a healthy and reasonable distance of 800 meters between him and the girls. If not for the limits of the room, Lu Qing'er was quite sure he wouldn't even be in sight.

"Is he that scared of women..."

Lu Qing'er shook her head, sharing an exasperated look with Yin Yue.

"Why wasn't I in the same group as Li Luo..." Lu Qing'er gritted her teeth. She had hoped so hard for it.

"Keke, I say, Qing'er." Mentor Cao Sheng hiccuped warmly at her.

Lu Qing'er forced an uncomfortable smile. "Mentor."

"How is your mother?" he suddenly asked roughly.

A look of surprise flitted across her face. Yin Yue was looking over, curiosity clear on her face. Even Qin Zhulu had looked up.

"Mentor you... know my mother?" Lu Qing'er asked with uncertainty.

"Oh yes, old friends," Cao Sheng said with a soft sigh that hinted at a deep story.

"I can't help but remember her once I see you…”

"You didn't choose me because of that, did you Mentor?" she asked sharply.

"Oh no, no. Your potential qualifies you to be a Violet Vibrance student, Qing'er. Don't sell yourself short,” he hurriedly clarified.

"..." She clenched her fist suspiciously. He was looking very guilty.

She would have to ask her mother properly on her next trip home.


"I only have one command for the three of you. Become the strongest group among the newcomers," Shen Jinxiao said, cold eyes regarding Wang Hejiu, Duze Beixuan, and Qi Luozi. Beneath his calm tone, there was an implicit demand of absolute submission, and a threat of what would happen otherwise.

All three nodded seriously.

"Beixuan, you lost to Li Luo in the Choosing, but there is no need to be discouraged. You were simply caught off guard by his dual resonances. Li Luo's second resonance is of a low grade. His potential is limited."

His chilling gaze lingered on Duze Beixuan. "I hope you can redeem yourself next time you face him. Students of Shen Jinxiao do not lose to the same person twice. Isn't that so?"

Duze Beixuan was sweating from the pressure. "Do not worry, Mentor. I will cultivate as hard as I can to wash this shame away!"

Shen Jinxiao's eyes flicked down. "Lose again, and I will have to get Wang Hejiu to win back your pride."

Wang Hejiu opened his jade fan, smiling as he tapped it against his palm.

Li Luo?

Lu Qing'er had sacrificed herself against him, all for this guy.

If given the chance, he would love to test the power of the young Luolan lord's dual resonances. If the young lord lost, perhaps Lu Qing'er would give him a chance.

The image of her unblemished, porcelain hands still remained fresh in his memory. He was a perfectionist, and he cherished the flawless. Those slim, jade-like hands were perfect works of art. If he could just clasp them to his breast, that would be the greatest pleasure in life.

"If you need something, just say the word." He smiled at Duze Beixuan

Duze Beixuan looked back at him emotionlessly. He then bowed to Shen Jinxiao and left.

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