Chapter 0133: Gong Shenjun

After the Choosing of the Mentors came to a close, Vice Principal Su Xin turned to the little emperor, the First Princess, and the Regent with a big smile. "You have graced us with your presence at the Choosing."

"Vice Principal, you are too kind. Besides, I'm still a student here." The First Princess laughed.

"It's boring at the palace. The Astral Sage College looks fun. Can I come here and cultivate sometime?"

"The Astral Sage College's doors are open to all with strength, and blind to any status," Su Xin answered brightly. "And given His Majesty's abilities, it should not be difficult to get into the Astral Sage College.

"But at that time, you will probably have to hide your identity."

The boy practically glowed with eagerness.

The First Princess patted him on the head. "But his body is frail." She sighed. "He needs medicine regularly. For many years, we've searched high and low through the Xia Kingdom, but no one has managed to heal him."

"I understand a bit about the condition," Su Xin said sympathetically. "His Majesty has an inborn frailty. It's hard to heal by normal means and needs the healing resonances of light, water, and wood. Moreover, it needs not just a singular element, but a Duke-level mastery of two of them."

"It's easy enough to find a Duke expert with water, light, or wood resonance, but for a water resonance cultivator who has also awakened light or wood... that's much rarer.

"Besides, even such a person might not be able to cure this natural frailty. Perhaps not even... a King cultivator with all three mastered."

A brief look of despair flashed on the First Princess' face. A King expert... That was incredibly rare within the domain of the Xia Kingdom. And to find one with water, light, and wood resonances? It was basically impossible.

"Do not fret." The Regent sighed. "We'll definitely find someone."

The little emperor tugged on her sleeve. "It's alright, Sis. I'm used to it anyway."

"Hey, isn't Li Luo's second resonance a wood resonance?" He piped up. "Does that mean that when he becomes a Duke and opens one more resonant palace, there's a chance?"

Even Vice Principal Su Xin was shocked by the realization. "Logically, yes. But Li Luo is only a first-tier Resonant Master. Who knows how long it will take him to reach the Duke Stage. Besides, resonance affinities are up to fate. There's no guarantee that he will have a light resonance."

"But there's still a chance," the First Princess said with shining eyes.

"Yes, let's keep an eye out," the Regent said. "But just an eye," he warned. "It wouldn't do to hope too much and be disappointed later."

She nodded. It was the rational thing to do.

They chatted briefly and then prepared to leave.

The First Princess rose gracefully, the little emperor in hand. Her eyes briefly paused in Li Luo's direction.

The Regent, Gong Yuan, followed them, an impressive figure of power, quiet and confident. He also took a brief look at Li Luo on his way out.


The crowd in Newcomers' Hall was dispersing, and Li Luo was trying to look for Yu Lang and the others. But things were so confusing that he gave up on the idea, instead heading to where Jiang Qing'e and Yan Lingqing were.

He was definitely a closely-watched figure now, and there were many passing looks and open stares as he weaved his way through the crowd.

If he was a hot topic because of Jiang Qing'e before, then now he had won his own credit here in the Choosing of the Mentors.

"Congratulations, Li Luo. You've knocked off all the socks now," Yan Lingqing said, looking at him proudly over her silver-rimmed spectacles.

"I don't want to be so popular." Li Luo sighed. "I might have won, but at what cost? Duze Beixuan took a fall to force me to stand out. What a cunning man."

"Alright, enough." Yan Lingqing snorted.

Jiang Qing'e looked at him, amusement clear in her golden eyes. "Not bad. Becoming Mentor Chi Chan's student is a rather good result. Don't get big-headed now. He might not stop at that."

Li Luo nodded slightly. He knew that she was referring to Shen Jinxiao. He was a Violet Vibrance mentor and a Duke expert after all. He held an eminent position in the Astral Sage College, and getting in his bad books was nothing good.

Fortunately, even Duke experts had to follow the rules in the Astral Sage College. As long as he was careful and did a whole lot of sticking close to Mentor Chi Chan, there was probably little that Shen Jinxiao could do to him.

Li Luo suddenly felt a disturbance behind him. He turned around to see a line of people file in.

They all looked young, but they bore themselves with uncommon gravitas. They were dressed in the Astral Sage College's uniform, but there were four stars emblazoned on their uniforms.

These were all Four Star Hall students.

No wonder they walked with a carelessness in their stride. It was born not of recklessness, but an over-familiarity with every part of school.

Compared to them, the new students had to be much more careful about every aspect of their school lives.

Leading the line of Four Star Hall students was a handsome guy with a well-chiseled face and bright, intelligent eyes. His good looks were as reassuring as a cool, spring breeze, but his eyes made you sit up straight and respect him.

He also had a head of blond hair that was very recognizable.

He was leading the Four Star Hall students like smaller stars gravitating around the sun. The newcomers hurried to get out of his way, sizing him up with trepidation.

Some of them greeted and smiled back at their acquaintances, who swelled with pride at being acknowledged. They looked at the curious newcomers. "You guys don't know who this is, right?" they said, their comments purposely directed at the pretty girls.

The enthusiastic young girls shook their heads. "That is Gong Shenjun, the Regent's son. He's the same age as the First Princess."

"He's also one of the Seven Astral Pillars. Do you know why they're called that? It's the highest honor for students at the Astral Sage College. It is the highest rank that students can reach."

"Even among the Seven Astral Pillars, Gong Shenjun might just be the strongest. Which means he can be considered the strongest student in the Astral Sage College."

Many of the newcomers gasped upon hearing this. The son of the Regent? This person was royalty too. Outside of school, they would have to call him “Your Highness.”

Of course, outside was outside. As new students, they were much more impressed by him being the strongest student.

Being able to rise to the top of the Astral Sage College, this illustrious school—just how awesome was that?

They immediately took a closer look.

The center of admiration and surprise, Gong Shenjun, walked through Newcomers' Hall towards Li Luo.

Li Luo inhaled sharply. He calmed himself down. Gong Shenjun did not know him. He could not be here for him.

He had to be here for his plump swan.

Yan Lingqing whispered in his ear.

"You guessed right, Li Luo. Your greatest rival is here."

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