Chapter 0125: Showdown with Duze Beixuan


Duze Beixuan loosened the heavy battleaxe from where it was slung on his back. He seemed like a soft and cunning character, but his weapon was savage and straightforward.

His mighty resonant power was already swirling around him, a deep, blue light that formed a vague, whale-like shape behind him.

A giant kun.

The Deepwater Kun resonance was a beast resonance. The legendary beast possessed ferocious strength that came from its bulk. One twist of its body in the ocean was enough to raise tidal waves that reached the skies.

This particular beast resonance could also control water volume. In other words, it was similar to a water resonance, although not as pure in form. For example, a Deepwater Kun resonance could not refine spirit liquids and purifying lights.

Still, it had its advantages, namely an overwhelming physical strength that would enhance one's fighting strength when complemented with resonant power.

"A lower eighth-grade resonance is really quite something."

Li Luo gawked at it. By his reckoning, his sixth-grade waterlight resonance might be able to match an upper seventh-grade resonance, but a lower eighth was something else entirely.


Still marveling, he unsheathed his shortswords, and their blue resonant power flared to life. He leaped forward, taking the initiative in the fight.


A reinforced Water Edge Art made the air hum as his water resonance power spun at supersonic speeds.


Duze Beixuan scoffed at Li Luo's attack. His lumbering battleaxe swung out, unleashing a huge wave of energy accompanied by a deafening boom.


Sword and axe clashed in a terrific wave of energy that blew away the leaves around them.

Li Luo leaped back, one hand going to cup his mouth. Pew! Pew! Pew!

A volley of water arrows rained down on Duze Beixuan.

He flung his battleaxe up, summoning a thin curtain of water that nullified the water arrows. At the same time, his hand clawed at Li Luo.

"Swallow!" Duze Beixuan yelled. The resonant power on his clawing hand suddenly exploded, then it reversed. A powerful sucking force yanked Li Luo towards his opponent.

This was the devouring ability of the Deepwater Kun resonance. In the sea, a single gulp from the kun's maw could create giant whirlpools that destroyed all.

Li Luo frowned in concentration as he planted his feet firmly on the ground. A dull, yellow light shone around them, and suddenly he was anchored to the ground.

As the suction force howled around him, he remained unmoving.

He was stealthily using his earth resonance.

Duze Beixuan was shocked that Li Luo was immune to his sucking attack. Water propelling his feet forth, he surfed toward Li Luo.

Cold fury in his eyes, he brought his battleaxe down in a savage blow.

"High-grade resonance art, Flowing Wave!"

In the wake of his swing, waves backed his axe, further amplifying his already brutal strength. This was a nasty blow.

Li Luo lifted a palm, summoning his Waterlight Demon Mirror.


The battleaxe broke the mirror, but Duze Beixuan was unprepared to deal with the blowback from his own attack. Still, he was competent enough to quickly counter it with a burst of pure resonant power that nullified it.

The battleaxe again thrust out towards Li Luo's chest.

Li Luo blocked it, his twin shortswords crossing defensively before his chest.

Tang, tang, tang!

Parrying desperately, Li Luo was forced back. Duze Beixuan gave him no breathing room, his battleaxe’s point extending out like a spearhead that lanced at him threateningly.

Cornered like a rat.

The furious exchange continued for dozens of rounds.

Li Luo was constantly being forced back, and Duze Beixuan was constantly pushing forward.

The advantage of Duze Beixuan's lower eighth-grade resonance and Upper Flowering cultivation shone brightly in battle.

"Li Luo, where's that glib tongue of yours now? Stick it out, then! C’mon!" Duze Beixuan taunted him, attacking him with both words and steel.

"Li Luo, I'll have my foot on your face today. See how—

"Oh, fuck!"

Suddenly, his foot sank deep into the ground, as though there was a swamp there. He lost balance and pitched forward.

Chortling in glee, Li Luo responded with a stomping kick that left a fat footprint on Duze Beixuan's face.

He was just about to follow stomp with steel when Duze Beixuan roared and sliced out with his battleaxe. Li Luo hurriedly retreated.

Duze Beixuan got to his feet, his expression ugly. When had the ground here become a swamp?

"You used water resonance power to make this patch a swamp? No. How could your water resonance power do that?" Duze Beixuan muttered.

When poured into the ground, water resonance power could indeed create a swamp. But the amount of resonant power needed was immense. Li Luo should not be able to pull it off at his current level.

Li Luo gave him a smile that very clearly said: none of your damn business.

Of course, he was able to do it not because of his water resonance power, but because he had used earth resonance power as well.

Still, the effect was modest. It was just enough to trip Duze Beixuan.

Wiping away the footprint on his face, Duze Beixuan turned to Li Luo again, who sensed that Duze Beixuan's resonant power had gotten even more untamed now.

Li Luo had managed to make him lose his cool.


Duze Beixuan firmly planted his battleaxe in front of him and crossed his hands. Wave after wave of intense resonant power pulsed out from within his body.

Duze Beixuan's skin rippled with deep, blue light and turned coarse. His fingers bloated up, then his entire person swelled.

Li Luo had a sense that this was going to be something big.

Duze Beixuan shouted in an almost inhuman voice.

"Tiger-general resonance art, Bulk Up!"


Whoo, whoo! 

A fearsome wind picked up, howling through the forest.

Even the thickest of trees groaned and creaked, in danger of being uprooted. Such was the power of the wind.

They were in complete disorder.

Zhao Kuo, Zong Fu, and the others were all lying flat on the ground, staring up fearfully at the young woman.

"You want to get me? With that measly bit of power? Ball-less rats." Bai Doudou scoffed at them.

Zhao Kuo yelled as he scrambled to his feet, throwing a handful of ash at the same time.


The wild wind screamed, and the puff of dust was gone. Bai Doudou's spear struck Zhao Kuo squarely on his chest, sending him flying. He crashed against a tree and did not get up again.

"Out of my way. I've no time to waste playing with you," she said dismissively. If she lingered here any longer, someone else would finish Li Luo off first.


A figure shot past her. Eyes flinty, Bai Doudou flicked a finger. A blade shaped itself out of wind and sliced across the figure's chest.


A long line of blood was drawn.


The person cried out. He tumbled to the ground, ungainly as a rolling gourd. As he rolled past Bai Doudou, he snatched a jade ornament at her waist.

Covered in mud, Yu Lang grinned triumphantly at the jade ornament he now clutched.

Bai Doudou's hand flew to her waist, then she whirled on him. "Give it back, or taste pain."

Yu Lang pursed his lips thoughtfully. "This jade ornament seems quite important. I saw that your sister has one too."

Gripping her spear tightly, she was already advancing on him.

"If you want it, come and get it! If you can catch me, I'll give it to you! Heeheehee!"

Yu Lang hooted gleefully, turning to flee like the wind.

"Filthy thief!" Bai Doudou shrieked. Li Luo forgotten, she shot after him, eyes ablaze.

Meanwhile, Zhao Kuo, Zong Fu, and the others lay on the floor in a daze. They slowly got up and stared in the direction that the two had gone towards. They prayed that Bai Doudou would not beat him to death.

They looked back towards the deep forest.

Brother Luo, we've done our mediocre best. The rest is up to you now.

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