Chapter 0120: Getting Ganked

Shen Jinxiao's Violet Vibrance mission had appeared on the screens in the hall.

Immediately, students in Li Luo's vicinity were starting to converge on his position.

"What's going on?"

"Is a Violet Vibrance mentor giving this new student a test?"

"Li Luo? The young lord of House Luolan?"

"Hehe. Poor fella. How's one supposed to survive a gank like that?"

"A bit harsh, yeah."


On the highest dais, the little emperor recognized Li Luo on screen. "That's unfair. Isn't this bullying?" He piped up innocently.

The First Princess laid a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Absolute fairness rarely exists in this world," she said softly. "Violet Vibrance mentors have the highest authority to test the new students. It is one of their responsibilities."

"Of course... this test from mentor Shen Jinxiao seems a little slanted, doesn’t it?"

She directed the last question to Vice Principal Su Xin.

Su Xin nodded solemnly. "Indeed, it is a little outside the box. But during the Choosing, Violet Vibrance mentors can do anything they wish to test students, as long as they do not risk their lives.

"Still, this might be a good opportunity for the student Li Luo to prove himself. If he can demonstrate his potential and excellence, he will be showered in laurels."

The First Princess did not comment. Performing well when ganked was no easy task. It was likely that he would end up being a stepping stone for others.

Li Luo was in trouble.

"Shen Jinxiao is going too far!" Yan Lingqing cried from her seat.

This was blatant bias. Who could deal with a gank like this?

Jiang Qing'e was expressionless. There was no outward anger, but her calm eyes held killing intent.

Jiang Qing'e reached out a finger and traced it lightly on the stone railing in front of them. Bits of stone flew as she carved two words into it.

Shen Jinxiao.

Yan Lingqing had a look of surprise when she saw Jiang Qing'e calmly carving his name. "What are you doing?" she asked in a hushed voice.

Jiang Qing'e wiped the words away as casually as she had carved them. "Practicing the markings I'll leave on his grave. After all, he once taught me before; it's only proper for me to buy him a gravestone."

Yan Lingqing's jaw dropped, then she giggled. Jiang Qing'e, you're really a monster. Already ready to bury a Violet Vibrance mentor?

Are you that angry?


The stir that the Violet Vibrance mission had created in the Newcomers' Hall was nothing compared to the action on the battleground.

In a radius of dozens of miles, the students that received the mission perked up with wild enthusiasm.

A Violet Vibrance mission so quickly?

Defeat Li Luo? That was an easy violet talisman!

Many of the students pulled out books containing the newcomers' information that they had bought at exorbitant prices. They looked up Li Luo.

"First in the Tianshu province? Completely average in strength—how did he trigger a Violet Vibrance mission?!" There was nothing in his bio that gave them pause besides his identity. But on the battlefield, status was irrelevant.

"It's basically a free violet talisman!"

Many students rejoiced. They raced at full speed towards the column of light.

The lure of a violet talisman was enough to get them riled up.


"Hahaha, Li Luo I can't believe you're in so much trouble already!"

In another region, Duze Beixuan erupted in raucous laughter when the mission appeared.

"Impressive. Truly impressive, to be worth a Violet Vibrance mission.

"So be it. I was planning to take you down anyway. Is this not the perfect chance?" Duze Beixuan chortled, still shaking his head. He began to move too.


"Are Violet Vibrance missions all so strange?"

The short-haired Bai Doudou was puzzled. Li Luo was that guy they had met at the registration, right? He was a handsome guy, but what had he done to trigger this mob mission?

"Forget it, I don't care. I just want a violet talisman."

Bai Doudou hefted her long spear, dragging the tip across the ground and creating a shower of sparks. Her wind resonance surged forth to carry her forward as swiftly as the breeze.

The secret behind her speed was in her feet, which seemed to ride the wind itself.


Somewhere in the forest.

A swarthy and fearsome youth was sitting on a mountain of average spirit beast corpses, his hands full of gold talismans. He gave them a shake, and they tinkled gently against each other.

He had received the Violet Vibrance mission too.

Qin Zhulu.

"Gank? Li Luo?"

Qin Zhulu did nothing for a moment, then he pulled out the newcomer jade tablet from his robes. Li Luo's name was written on it.

"It's him?" He recalled the silver-haired youth who had swapped tablets with him.

So the Violet Vibrance mission was to take that guy out.

He stuffed the jade tablet back and carelessly tossed the gold talismans out. They were not what he wanted.

Here at the Astral Sage College, he needed the best mentors. Those below the Duke stage were not qualified to teach him.

Still, a violet talisman won in such an unfair fight meant nothing.

"Maybe beating strong spirit beasts will get me violet talismans? That's better."

Qin Zhulu looked up at the light column in the distance. He shook his head. "I'll not attack you. Count this as returning the favor for taking your spot.

"May luck be with you."

He stood up, uncaring of his gore-covered appearance. He moved casually, heading in the direction where he sensed stronger spirit beasts. Those had to be strong spirit beasts. Perhaps he could find one that was at least equivalent to a third-tier Resonant Master in strength.

Hopefully, it would be strong enough to amuse him.

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