Chapter 0113: School's In

After the night reunion, Li Luo again buried himself in his resonance art research, and soon enough school rolled around.

In this time, he had managed to use a ton of spirit liquids and purifying lights before to catapult his woodearth resonance from the first grade to the fourth grade.

At this level, his woodearth resonance would be of some use.

Li Luo was not doing so bad in terms of strength. He was a Clear Seed Tier cultivator, but one with a sixth-grade waterlight resonance and a fourth-grade woodearth resonance.

The two resonance seeds absorbed worldly natural energy simultaneously, allowing him to cultivate faster than he did before. Plus, his resonant power capacity was higher than that of his peers.

Li Luo was finally starting to enjoy the various benefits that his resonant palaces brought.

With all these advantages, it shouldn't be too difficult to snag himself a Violet Vibrance mentor, right?


There was an unusual buzz in Xia City on the day of the Astral Sage College's opening.

Although the Astral Sage College was not even within Xia City's limits, it was a mere half day's journey away and was still considered to be within Xia City's influence.

As such, it was necessary to pass through Xia City to reach the Astral Sage College. And as the capital of the Xia Kingdom, many students would pass through or linger there.

The Astral Sage College had an exalted status in the Xia Kingdom. Its every move was watched by the great powers within the kingdom. These new students were the fresh blood that would one day make their way into the elite ranks of power in the Xia Kingdom. In the future, Duke experts might well rise from their midst.

Any early investment into these talents would definitely pay off exponentially.

While Xia City was buzzing with excitement, House Luolan's carriage had already rolled out early.

"The Astral Sage College is at the southwest of the Xia Kingdom. It was built against the back of the Gukun Mountain Range, the longest and greatest in the Xia Kingdom. You should learn about it. It basically divides the Xia Kingdom into two regions. Many spirit beasts dwell in those mountains—perhaps half of all spirit beasts in the Xia Kingdom. In the deepest regions, there are King spirit beasts, so even Duke stage cultivators do not dare to wander too deeply." In the rumbling carriage, Jiang Qing'e was giving Li Luo a brief sketch of the Astral Sage College's basics. 

"Still, the Gukun Mountain Range is a natural training ground for the Astral Sage College to hone its students. The school even creates assignments to develop parts of the Gukun Mountain Range, sending students out to hone themselves," Yan Lingqing supplemented.

She and Jiang Qing'e were both Three Star Hall students. After her stint to the Suncreek Villa to polish her skills, she was back now that school had reopened.

"You will slowly get more familiar with the information over time. But for you newcomers, the Choosing of the Mentors today is critical, as I told you before. Before you enter Three Star Hall, your mentor will be your guide and supporter."

Jiang Qing'e fixed Li Luo with her golden eyes. "Li Luo, do not take the status of an Astral Sage College student lightly. Nor should you take the power of being a Violet Vibrance mentor's student lightly. It is no lighter than your position as the young lord of House Luolan, because it means that you have a Duke Stage expert behind you.

"Just like House Luolan now, so frail that it sways with the winds of fate in the Xia Kingdom. Yet because I have a ninth-grade light resonance, everyone knows that I am the uncommon power holding down things for the house. Do you think they have not considered assassinating me?

"They have. But they do not dare.

"Because of how brilliant I am, I have special favor from the Astral Sage College. This means that no one dares to touch me. They can only come at me in fair and open ways. As long as I can deal with these, we will have our opportunity to strike back in the future.

"So, Li Luo, you must demonstrate your potential at the Astral Sage College and make them acknowledge you. It will be your greatest safeguard."

He looked at her face, more serious than usual, and nodded. House Luolan was a juicy piece of meat for the taking, and many would risk a lot for a bite, even if they had to commit crimes like assassination. It was not an uncommon method. Securing a Violet Vibrance mentor was evidently the best way to stave off these predators.

"Don't worry. I'll definitely do my best."

Yan Lingqing tapped her cheek. "Qing'e, it's rare to see you being so talkative."

She cocked her head towards Li Luo. "You have a water resonance. When you start specializing in earnest, why not try entering the Resonance Artificers Hall? Come find me and I will help recommend you."

"Thanks, Sister Lingqing."

"When you reach the Astral Sage College, Lingqing will bring you to registration and then preparation for the Choosing of the Mentors. It is a grand event for the Astral Sage College, and many of the powers in the Xia Kingdom will send representatives to witness it," Jiang Qing'e said.

"You won't take me?" Li Luo asked.

"Do you want to experience hell on earth? If you don't mind, I can definitely accompany you," she said amusedly.

Li Luo started. "Ah, actually, I would prefer to grow a little stronger first."

He had caught on. Given how popular she was in the Astral Sage College, if the two appeared close right from the start, it would make Li Luo a living beacon for "unfortunate accidents.”

Although this was not going to help much, aggravation should be avoided where possible.

Li Luo had no intention of whacking everyone over the nose right after strolling in the door.

Seeing his fumbling expression, Yan Lingqing burst into laughter, and even Jiang Qing'e was smiling.

Their horse and carriage sped on. A few hours later, Li Luo heard the loud sounds of the crowd outside.

He pulled aside the curtain, looking out at the street.

A majestic mountain immediately crowded most of the horizon in his view. Behind it, he saw an entire forest of mountains, stretching out far beyond what he could see. There was a pageantry about them, their age a declaration of their power and endurance. Just looking upon them was awe-inspiring.

There was a set of stone steps ascending the side of the mountain, climbing all the way into the clouds. At the top of the stairs was the entrance, made out of white jadestone. It twinkled with a mystical, starry light, three words carved into the banner above in an impressive hand. The artistic masterpiece was a bold declaration of the school's domination.

Astral Sage College

"The words above the entrance were written by a King expert," Jiang Qing'e said from behind Li Luo.

A King expert...

He looked at the words with renewed awe. They were just carved characters, but there was life and energy in them.

It was hard to imagine how powerful the writer must have been, to leave behind such energy even in their writing.

It made one... look beyond.

A brief flash of excitement tingled through Li Luo as he looked up the stone stairs and the large collection of buildings at the top. His new school.

He had a feeling that the story of his life would begin its first real chapter here.

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