Chapter 0111: Newcomers' Rankings

Li Luo was used to Yu Lang's scummy ways, so he soon recovered from the shock. Conflicted, he eventually opened the newcomers' rankings.

The first page he flipped to contained a drawing of a long-haired youth. He was swarthy and had a wild look about his eyes. He looked like some exotic beast straight out of the jungle.

There were lines across his face that made him resemble a tiger, and made him even more intimidating.

Almost like a tiger, but in human form.

Li Luo warily looked at the picture. Even though this was but a drawing, it was still enough to convey the intimidation that the man exuded.

His eyes flicked down to the information.

"Qin Zhulu, from the Xiyu Province's Xiyu Academy. His father is an important general in the Xia Kingdom army, Qin Zhenjiang.

"He has an upper eighth-grade resonance, a Snarling Golden Demon Tiger resonance. About as strong as a Pattern Genesis Tier (second-tier Resonant Master) cultivator. The Xiyu Province is located at the border of the Xia Kingdom, and it is constantly locked in war. Qin Zhulu grew up in the army, and the constant fighting bred a streak of savagery in him. He is as fierce as a tiger.

"With his strength, he is practically the best among the Astral Sage College's newcomers!

"A fierce guy, Qin Zhulu," Li Luo said thoughtfully.

An upper 8th-grade resonance, with Pattern Genesis Tier strength.

This was perhaps the highest resonant grade that Li Luo had seen, except for Jiang Qing'e’s. Also, he was already at the second-tier of the Resonant Master Stage... That cultivation speed was unnerving. Li Luo himself had only just made it into the Resonant Master Stage.

Looking at how terrifying he was, one could readily believe that many enemies had died at his hands. Compared to him, fresh-faced students at the Astral Sage College looked like harmless, fluffy bunnies.

"Qin Zhulu. I've heard of him before. He never makes friends. A loner and a killer. To him, there is nothing but battle. I heard that his catchphrase is: ‘women, they only slow down my beheading speed,’" Lu Qing'er said, leaning over and reading gravely.

Li Luo shook his head. "That's a little too wild! No girl's gonna like him like that."

"Not true. Qin Zhulu is a favorite among many girls at Xiyu Academy. For some reason, although he is completely merciless against male opponents, he restrains himself a little against girls. I heard he's afraid of women."

Li Luo was flabbergasted. "Afraid of women?"

A god of war like him, afraid of women?! 

Zhao Kuo shook his head in sympathy. "Seems like he'll be single for life. That brings an end to the general's line."

Yu Lang pondered this. "Li Luo, you had better be careful. If he's afraid of women, maybe he swings the other way. And seeing how handsome you are, he'll definitely hit on you."

Li Luo stared at him and patted his waist. Where was his sword when he needed it?

Lu Qing'er rolled her eyes. "He's appraised as even more feral than Duke spirit beasts."

"That means a lot," Li Luo said appreciatively. He had never seen Duke-class spirit beasts before, but looking at the eyes of this Qin Zhulu, he could believe it.

"Your information booklets are getting more and more polished. You've even got drawings now." Li Luo complimented Yu Lang.

This was even more comprehensive than the one that Yu Lang had made for the Tianshu College Final Examinations.

"It's really my friend who did all the hard work," Yu Lang said modestly.

Li Luo snorted. Some friends Yu Lang had. He suspected that the "friend" had seriously considered killing Yu Lang to keep his secret when he handed over the information.

Li Luo ignored him and flipped on.

"Second among the newcomers, Wang Hejiu. From the Xia Kingdom's royal family, the oldest family around. Solid foundation, with an eighth-grade poison resonance. Suspected to be at the Sprouting Seed Tier with the power of an Upper Flowering Tier cultivator. [1]

The youth called Wang Hejiu was smiling so wide that his eyes were almost closed. In his hand he held a green fan made of jade, and he looked like a jolly enough guy. It was especially jarring that he had a rare poison resonance.

It could create a toxic resonant power that ran rampant through its victim's body.

"The Astral Sage College is really something else... All these newcomers are insane." Li Luo whistled appreciatively. This Wang Hejiu was no slouch.

"Third newcomer, Bai Doudou. From the Gusu Province's Frost Mountain Academy. The Bai family is also one of the most powerful in the Xia Kingdom. With a lower eighth-grade resonance, she's estimated to be at the Sprouting Seed Tier with an Upper Flowering cultivator's power."

Bai Doudou wore her hair neatly cropped around the ears. She had a fresh, almost boyish face, but there was a hint of steel in her eyes that showed she was not to be messed with.

"Fourth newcomer, Duze Beixuan, from Xia Academy, which is one of the top five academies in Xia Kingdom. The young lord of House Duze, he has a lower eighth-grade Deepwater Kun resonance. He is estimated to be at the Sprouting Seed Tier with an Upper Flowering cultivator's power." This one wasn't new to Li Luo. He had met him at the Golden Dragon Bank. [2]


"Seventh newcomer, Xin Fu. From the Anhai Province's Academy of Darkness. With an upper sevemth-grade shadow resonance. Sprouting Seed Tier, with a Lower Flowering Tier cultivator's power." This person had another rare resonance, shadow, so Li Luo paid them more attention. Xin Fu was pictured as wearing a black hood, their face hidden in shadow. A mystery indeed.

Li Luo continued scanning the book. The top 10 were all at least Flowering Seed Tier. He spotted Si Qiuying at number 13, and then his own name at 19. Lu Qing'er was relegated to 20.

"Talent is well-hidden everywhere," Li Luo mused. Poison and shadow resonances were so rare that he had never seen them before. It was eye-opening indeed.

"It's a great book you've got there. You should be able to make some decent cash off it," Li Luo told Yu Lang. It was very important information for him.

"Oh you... I'm embarrassed!" Yu Lang said bashfully. Still, his pride in this masterpiece was evident in his eyes.

Lu Qing'er shook her head. "If you had put all that effort into cultivation instead, you'd already be a Tenth Seal."

He was still only a Ninth Seal, while Zhao Kuo was even lower—an Eighth Seal. Yet Zhao Kuo had not slacked off much. Only, he had a fifth-grade resonance, and that held back his improvement.

Yu Lang gave her a resigned smile and then turned back to Li Luo, blinking innocently. "Do you really think that's my best work yet?"

"What else is there?" Li Luo asked, aghast.

"Well, what do you think everyone cares about the most at the Astral Sage College?"

"Who's the strongest, of course," Xiang Liang said impatiently.


Yu Lang wagged a finger at him. "Don't you want to know who's the prettiest?"

Xiang Liang and the others were interested now. This man had his head on right. Who cared who was the strongest? In any case, they wouldn't be able to compete. But the prettiest girl... Now that was a topic close to their hearts.

Yu Lang carefully retrieved another book from the folds of his clothing. "This is my magnum opus, the ratings of the newcomers at the Astral Sage College!"

Li Luo frowned. "Look here, Yu Lang," he said gravely. "That's very wrong of you. We're here at the Astral Sage College to cultivate. Your wicked ways have to be checked.

"Let me check it real quick. I will ascertain just how wrong you are."

He snatched the book.


Zhao Kuo, Xiang Liang, and Zong Fu were immediately on his back.

Gingerly opening the book, the first page was a list of names. Li Luo's eyes shot back up to Yu Lang with annoyance.

Zhao Kuo and the others sat back down slowly, looking at Yu Lang with some respect. They had seen people play dead before, but here was a true master, practicing his craft as hard as he could.

Number one on the rankings... House Luolan's young lord, Li Luo!

Had this jester included guys as well?

Li Luo put down the book carefully and gently on the table. He smiled beatifically at Yu Lang.

Yu Lang could feel the hairs on the back of his neck stand. "Er, look here, Brother Luo, the ratings are not about gender. Given your good looks, of course you're first!"

"I see," Li Luo said. "I heard you're buying dinner today."

Yu Lang nodded nervously.

Li Luo banged the table with his hand.

"INNKEEPER! Bring out every treasure you have. Every delicacy you can pull out of your ass!"

1. TN: Reminder that the Sprouting Seed Tier is divided into Clear Seed and Flowering Seed, and then lower and upper for each.

2. TN: Kun is a legendary giant fish that can also transform into a giant bird. Most often portrayed as a giant, winged whale (sometimes with sharp teeth). Google image “鲲” for some pretty cool pictures.

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