Chapter 473: You’re Bullying Me Too!

Face falling, Bai Xiaochun watched Bai Lin leave, then turned to look at Li Hongming.

An odd half-smile appeared on Li Hongming’s face as he looked back. Laughing lightly, he said, “Congratulations on attracting the attention of the general, Xiaochun. It’s a big honor to have someone like him personally recruit you and vouch for you. In all the years that I’ve been in the army, I've only seen that happen to three people. You’re the fourth.”

Bai Xiaochun immediately began to grumble to himself that he didn't want to become the fourth person to be personally conscripted by the general. However, he had no choice but to accept his fate, and thus, left with Li Hongming.

As the side gate got further and further away, he couldn’t help but feel like he had lost his freedom, his control over his life, and his chance to pursue his dreams....

“Why did things have to turn out this way...?” he thought, sighing continuously. Complaining inwardly the entire time, he followed along as Li Hongming took...

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