Chapter 999: Fighting A Demigod!

The cultivators on both sides of the conflict all gasped reflexively. Although they had already been shaken by Bai Xiaochun’s power, none of them could ever have imagined that he would reach such an unbelievable level!

“This… this is impossible!!” Chen Hetian in nascent divinity form was shaking uncontrollably. Although he had already guessed that Bai Xiaochun was a demigod, he had assumed that he would be on roughly the same level as the Giant Ghost King and Patriarch Starry Sky, and could potentially fight one of the other two demigods. How could he have ever guessed… that Bai Xiaochun could actually sustain divine ability attacks from both of them, and not even be injured!?!?

Only the most powerful among demigods could possibly attempt to interfere with two other fighting demigods, much less forcibly stop them from fighting!

Bai Zhentian was equally shaken. He was also well-versed...

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