Chapter 996: Arriving At Giant Ghost City!

The two arcane guards only had the wherewithal to let out cries of alarm before instinctively retreating.

They knew that they couldn’t possibly fight back against the power of Bai Xiaochun’s shout!

The destructive power contained in his voice surpassed anything they could imagine, and left them overwhelmed with horror!

Unfortunately, no matter how fast they reacted, it wasn't fast enough. Expressions of unimaginable terror and despair filled their faces as they were overwhelmed by the deadly soundwave!

They were simply too weak to stand up to it…. They exploded, their bodies turning into ash… and their nascent divinities unable to escape. Being trapped within their fleshly bodies, their nascent divinities… were also wiped out of existence!!

It happened too quickly for anyone to process. Two proud arcane guards were exterminated in the blink of an eye…. The old man with...

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