Chapter 992: Returning To The Ice Plains

Even the earth seemed like it was about to crack into pieces!

On numerous battlefields throughout the lands, cultivators from the Wildlands and the Heavenspan region all looked around, all of them equally shaken by the premonition that the world was about to be torn apart.

“What’s going on?!?!”

“Heavens! Why is the sky crumbling?!?!”

Core Formation cultivators, Nascent Soul experts, and even devas were shaken. Many from the River-Defying Sect were included. Demigod experts from both sides gasped in open shock.

Mistress Red-Dust was caught completely unprepared. She, like most other Wildlanders, assumed that the Celestial was responsible.

Only a handful of people knew the truth. For example, in Arch-Emperor City, deep within the third part of the city that was buried underneath the ground, in a crumbling pagoda, was the gravekeeper. As he sat there cross-legged,...

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