Chapter 991: Demigod Fleshly Body!

Even as the ghost face cursed inwardly, Bai Xiaochun sat there cross-legged in meditation, continuously absorbing the explosive life force into his bloodstream, fueling the growth of his Undying Blood.

Gradually, his Undying Blood neared the ninety percent level…. Then, the following morning, his eyes snapped open.

A blood-colored light gleamed therein, and cracking sounds emanated out from inside of him. At the same time, he radiated an intense energy.

The air around him rippled and distorted, seemingly incapable of withstanding the force, and even the world as a whole trembled.

“Ninety percent!!” Bai Xiaochun’s eyes shone with exuberant delight as he slowly rose to his feet. Because of his progress with his Undying Blood, he could tell that although his blood was still red,...

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