Chapter 990: Hang In There....

The ghost face lay in his hiding spot, staring blankly into the sky at the face of the baby girl. After a moment passed, he sighed, his heart filled with both bitterness and excitement. “So, the detestable Bai Xiaochun finally broke through….”

It had not been an easy thing to endure through all of these years of torment. But now that Bai Xiaochun had broken through, and the spiritual energy from the four regions in the world was depleted, the ghost face was certain that a critical moment had arrived.

“That soul is about to become the spirit automaton…. When that happens, that damned Bai Xiaochun is definitely going to have the automaton open the world….” The ghost face’s expression was one of excitement and anticipation. After all, he knew that once he was free and in the open, his cultivation base would return to normal.

When that happened, he would finally be able to make Bai Xiaochun regret...

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