Chapter 987: The War Escalates

“That was too easy, wasn’t it? He’s dead, just like that?” Bai Xiaochun walked back up to the shattered pieces of the statue and examined them closely. Sure enough, they emitted a strong aura of death.

His divine sense didn’t reveal any traces of life force, and not even picking up some of the pieces of the statue and studying them closely provided any evidence that the ghost face was still alive.

After all, the ghost face had been suppressed all the way down to the mid Deva Realm, whereas Bai Xiaochun was in the late Deva Realm. It was no exaggeration to say that killing someone in the mid Deva Realm would be easy for him.

What made Bai Xiaochun suspicious was that, before being suppressed, the ghost face had been able to fight with the Celestial.

“He was a tough opponent, and a quasi-archaean at that!” He pursed his lips in thought as he considered just going back...

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