Chapter 984: Crazed Ghost

Bai Xiaochun was so focused on fleeing for his life that he wasn’t paying any attention to how much faster he was than his pursuer. He was only thinking about getting away as quickly as possible.

Whooshing and whistling sounds echoed out in all directions as he became a blur of afterimages that split the air. In fact, it was actually impossible to tell which one of them was his true form.

The ghost face was going so crazy that he even used a trump card divine ability, causing the smoke which surrounded him to condense down into a sphere. However he simply couldn’t close the distance as Bai Xiaochun headed to… the wind valleys!

“Noooo!!” he wailed. He pushed forward with a burst of cultivation base power, causing the black sphere to transform into numerous black arrows that shot toward Bai Xiaochun!

There were so many of them that they were impossible to...

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