Chapter 982: Come And Fight, You Spineless Ghost!

As Bai Xiaochun’s weak voice echoed out, he oh-so-slowly struggled to his feet, moving for the first time in an entire month.

Of course, he was feeling more proud of himself than ever. During his month of lying there motionless, the repeated lightning strikes had advanced his cultivation base significantly.

Were it not for the fact that he had long since determined to plot against the ghost face, he would have stood up and started walking around much earlier.

When the ghost face heard Bai Xiaochun talking, he let out a bellow of rage.

“You tricked me!!” he shouted, his mind spinning on the verge of insanity. If he had possessed a fleshly body, he would definitely have been coughing up blood by now. He truly couldn’t understand how Bai Xiaochun could lay there for an entire month, and yet not die. Infuriated, he completely ignored the lightning to rush toward Bai Xiaochun.

In the face of the enraged ghost face, Bai Xiaochun...

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