Chapter 981: A Bit Of Energy Left

When the lightning bolt struck Bai Xiaochun, he felt an explosive force coursing into his head and then erupting throughout his body.

Sparks of electricity showered off of him in all directions.

It was a terrifying sight that caused him to shriek in terror. But then, he looked around, blinking for a moment before his eyes lit up.

“I'm fine?” Not only was the electricity not hurting him, but it was actually causing his cultivation base to advance…. “I can absorb it!”

This lightning had a different type of life force power than the lightning in Lightning Penitentiary, an energy that caused his Undying Blood to leap as if with joy.

Bai Xiaochun was delighted. Clearly, this lightning existed on a different, higher level than the stuff in the Nine Heavens Cloud Lightning Sect. It was much the same way that certain medicinal...

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