Chapter 979: I’m Gonna Skin You Alive!

In the depths of the northern Heavenspan River region was an ice plain that was currently collapsing in on itself. The affected area grew deeper and wider, until an enormous ice crater appeared.

It almost looked like a huge fist had punched down onto the ice, creating an eye-catching scar in the landscape.

The trembling of the land was detectable at great distances, ensuring that the Nine Heavens Cloud Lightning Sect noticed. Master Cloud Lightning and the other devas investigated it, and even the demigod patriarch came for a personal visit.

However, no amount of searching provided any clues as to what had caused the event. All evidence had been sucked away by that vortex.

“Troubling times….” the patriarch said with a sigh and a shake of his head. Normally speaking, he would have been more focused on digging and digging until he figured out what had occurred. But now he...

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