Chapter 972: Deja Vu

There were no restrictions in place, and thus, no need to be cautious. This was the moonflower’s third chance to grow, and it held nothing back. In a short three days, it grew more than it had in a month back in the Cloud Order.

Most of the immortal's cave that Bai Xiaochun had created was now filled with moonflower branches. As for the main stalk of the flower itself, it was already over a dozen meters tall.

Were it not for the fact that Bai Xiaochun had started to feel cramped, and voiced his dissatisfaction by clearing his throat, the moonflower would have taken over the whole cave. However, after sensing his irritation, it had left an area aside for his use.

Eventually, the moonflower began to spread out on the icy plain, until it filled the entire 5-kilometer area….


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