Chapter 971: Thrown Out

The younger of the twin Master Cloud Lightnings had no time to even feel the terror of impending destruction. His body was simply destroyed by the massive, explosive attack!

His nascent divinity flew out into the open, eyes blank as he stared around at the devastation. It was in that moment that a stream of divine sense appeared that far surpassed devas. It descended in the form of a huge hand that grabbed the nascent divinity.

As the explosive force of Bai Xiaochun’s attack was dissipated by that enormous hand, a grating voice echoed out from nowhere.

“Bai. Xiao. CHUN!!!” Each of the characters that made up his name was uttered in a voice that crackled like heavenly thunder. The words exploded into the minds of everyone present as a gigantic figure appeared up above.

It was the demigod patriarch, who held the listless and dispirited Lightning Ancestor in his hand. The demigod drove away the will of the heavens in the area, ensuring that he was the...

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