Chapter 970: Xiaochun Overturns The Heavens!

Four devas were joining hands to attack Bai Xiaochun with deadly force. The cultivators from the Cloud Order and the Lightning Order were all watching with rapt attention. Based on what everyone could tell, it didn’t matter if Bai Xiaochun were even stronger than he had already proven to be, he would still die for his brazenness!

“This Bai Xiaochun is strong, but he's forgotten that he isn't in the east anymore. This is the north!”

“Hmph! How dare he throw his weight around here in the north. We’re definitely going to show him a thing or two!”

“I refuse to believe that Master Cloud Lightning and the other devas all working together can’t kill that one measly Bai Xiaochun!”

Everyone was now starting to calm down, and were showing nothing but open disdain toward Bai Xiaochun. Meanwhile, Master Cloud Lightning and the other devas were closing in rapidly.

Cold light flickered in Bai Xiaochun’s eyes. He had been restraining himself ever since he arrived in the north,...

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