Chapter 966: Why Are Young People Nowadays So Reckless?

The Lightning Ancestor hesitated, not very pleased with how Bai Xiaochun was looking at him.

“Listen, ya old monkey. Times are different now. That technique of yours really isn’t that interesting. Think about it. The spiritual energy I’ve given you so far is like a drop in the ocean to me. If you want to be stingy, then you can go ahead and just keep wishing for my spiritual energy. Even if I get more, I won’t give you any!”

The Lightning Ancestor immediately started to get nervous. Smiling wryly, he sighed and thought, “Little punk! I guess it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re doing this on purpose…. Fine, you win!”

Although he had come to be a bit muddle-headed after all the years of confinement, if he couldn’t see what Bai Xiaochun was doing by this point, he didn’t deserve to have lived for so long.

No matter how he thought the matter over, there didn’t seem to be any other option for him. Besides, the spiritual...

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