Chapter 964: I Have A Divine Ability, Old Pal!

Despite the crashing lightning which surrounded him, the Lightning Ancestor was so shocked he very nearly leaped to his feet.

As Bai Xiaochun inhaled, he sucked in ten lightning bolts. He did so with the utmost caution, and after breathing them in, he unleashed the power of his cultivation base to protect himself from further attacks.

Afterward, it was to Bai Xiaochun’s delight that he found that he could easily break the lightning down inside of him, sending shocking power coursing through his energy passageways.

The ten bolts of lightning were equivalent to ten days of ordinary cultivation!

His eyes began to shine brightly, and he was already panting in excitement. Looking around at the lightning, he no longer seemed scared, but instead, worked up.

“I actually did it!” Reining in the power of his cultivation base, he took another deep breath, this time sucking in a hundred lightning bolts.

From a distance, it looked like numerous glowing dragons roaring and howling as they were consumed by Bai Xiaochun. A healthy flush covered his face as...

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