Chapter 962: Locked Up!

Massive rumbling sounds filled the Cloud Order as buildings collapsed, and freezing water poured down in all directions. Countless disciples flew out into the air and then stared down at the ice statue with its missing thumb.

After a momentary silence, there was a huge uproar.

“How could this be happening…?”

“What is that plant…?”

“Heavens! What’s going on here? How come so much strange stuff is going on…? First it was those Fantasy Pills, and now the battle god’s thumb is gone….”

Moments later, the twin Master Cloud Lightnings, Feng Chen, and the other devas shivered. Expressions flickering with madness, they erupted with rage.

“Bai Xiaochun!!”

“It was definitely you, Bai Xiaochun!!”

Heaven-shaking, earth-shattering roars could be heard as the furious devas shot toward Bai Xiaochun’s residence.

When the other cultivators from the Cloud Order heard the shouts of the devas, their eyes lit up with ferocious expressions, and they turned to look...

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