Chapter 959: Four-Point Covenant

However, the devas didn’t have the time to literally watch over Bai Xiaochun every hour of every day. And considering the three-point covenant which was in place, it didn’t matter how shockingly powerful Bai Xiaochun was. He wouldn’t be able to do much.

Another half a month went by. Every day, Bai Xiaochun would set up his vendor stall, and although he didn’t do much business, he worked as hard as he could to attract the northern disciples, providing loud descriptions of the various magical items and medicinal pills he was offering for sale.

On one particular day when he was sure that there was no deva divine sense watching him, he leaned forward to a burly fellow who was browsing through his medicinal pills.

“Hey man,” he said quietly, “I have some special medicinal pills right over here. Want to have a look?”

This was the burly man’s third visit, and Bai Xiaochun had been observing him carefully. It was only after confirming that he didn’t seem suspicious that he finally decided to make him an offer.

“What medicinal pills?” the man asked, instantly on guard.

With a flourish, Bai Xiaochun produced a Fantasy Pill.

The unique aura...

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