Chapter 955: Menacing And Overbearing

Of these four northern devas, three were men and one was a woman. The woman was not middle-aged, but neither was she young. However, she was very beautiful, albeit grimly frightening. Of the three men, two were older, and one was middle-aged. The latter was very handsome, with sword-like eyebrows and eyes that glittered like stars. Bai Xiaochun had seen quite a few handsome male cultivators in his time, but had to admit that none of them could compare to this man in terms of good looks.

In fact, it left him feeling a little prickly. This middle-aged cultivator was just too handsome. Plus, he had a very high cultivation base. Considering how his eyes glittered, he was clearly the type who female cultivators would find incredibly attractive.

By this point, the cultivators from the west and south, including Master Thousand-Ghost and Guru Spirit Immortal, had all backed away from the eastern cultivators.

Zhao Tianjiao and Bai Lin both had nervous expressions on their face. As for Song Que, he wasn’t quite sure how to feel. Although he was nervous, he was also...

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