Chapter 954: The Hostile Northerners

Bai Xiaochun was quite certain that he wasn’t hearing things. Whether it was the voice in his head, or the fluctuations coming from his bag of holding, he was certain that…

“She’s awake!!” Shaken, he sent a stream of divine sense into his bag of holding to check on the coffin. However, all observations indicated that the baby girl was sleeping, her eyes closed, not a trace of life force on her whatsoever.

Because of how many people were around, he couldn’t very well take out the coffin and examine it closely in front of them. Therefore, he buried his questions in his heart, looked over at Du Lingfei, and shook his head.

“No. It’s nothing….”

Before Du Lingfei could respond, the twin Master Cloud Lightnings chuckled coldly. “Of course it’s nothing. What, you find out you’re in the north, and you're scared all of a sudden?!”

The twin Master Cloud Lightnings had been suppressing their anger for too long now. Bai Xiaochun had killed their beloved apprentice, creating a grudge that could only be resolved by death. However, the...

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