Chapter 951: Bai Xiaochun’s Oath

“You….” The instant the voice echoed out into Gongsun Wan’er’s mind, she understood everything. Bitterness filling her heart, she replied to the voice in her mind. “So, you were gambling this entire time…. That’s not like us….”

“You’re right,” Ghostmother replied, “it's not like us. But… the gamble paid off!” Ghostmother couldn’t help but think back to the agreement she had made with the gravekeeper all those years ago, and how he was the one who had come up with this entire plan…. He was definitely a person worthy of deep respect.

“I wouldn’t expect anything less from the last remaining bit of will from that most ancient individual….” The truth was that from the moment she had arrived in this world, she had been gambling!

After losing her left arm, her cultivation base had dropped, making it difficult for her to control the bone galleon. Even worse… without the sealing power available in her left arm, she couldn’t activate the Devil-Conquering Mirror to...

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