Chapter 950: One Divine Ability After Another!

As the sealing power erupted out, the world projection became like a dome, both enveloping Gongsun Wan’er, and rapidly shrinking down around her.

As could be imagined, once it shrank down enough, Gongsun Wan’er would become a slave of the Celestial!

Strangely, Gongsun Wan’er didn’t seem surprised at all by what was happening. Eyes shining with strange light, she said, “You've been preparing for quite some time, haven’t you, Daoist Heavenspan, you bastard. You were waiting until the moment I began to consume my primary form?

“But did you really think I wouldn’t be ready for something like this…? You’re a real joke, you know that? Remember… the reason for your defeat is that you don’t truly understand the world you exist in, and also… because you have no idea how powerful the bone galleon really is!!” Shrill laughter rang out from Gongsun Wan’er’s lips as the bone galleon beneath the feet of Bai Xiaochun and the other cultivators suddenly trembled.

Black light began to spill out from every bone that made up the galleon, which...

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