Chapter 948: The Deadmire

That was Bai Xiaochun's assessment based on everything he had heard just now, as well as the things he had learned back in the Wildlands.

Even if his analysis was not completely accurate in every aspect, he was confident that it was relatively correct….

And he couldn’t help but think about the gravekeeper…. The truth was that, even back in that spectacular battle in the Wildlands, everything had gone according to the gravekeeper’s plans!

“He really set everything up perfectly!!” Bai Xiaochun knew that the gravekeeper had actually hoped to kill the Celestial during that battle. Now, it seemed obvious… that the gravekeeper’s killing intent was showing through in this backup plan!

This situation with the bone galleon had only unfolded because of the original failure to put an end to the Celestial!

“That’s why he gave me his command medallion. It was to keep me safe as I passed through the...

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