Chapter 945: First Time Here?

Even as Bai Xiaochun attempted to flee, a powerful gravitational force emerged from the rift.

It didn’t affect the air, or the ground below, or anything else in the entire world. Neither did it emit fluctuations that would be noticed by anyone else.

However… it did exert massive force on Bai Xiaochun, so much so that it felt as if his soul and cultivation base would be ripped out of him!

He could struggle against it, and perhaps escape, but in the process, his soul would be torn away from him and swallowed up by the rift!

To Bai Xiaochun’s horror, he found that it was the same with his cultivation base, and even his blood. In fact, as he struggled, blood began to ooze out of his pores and fly through the air toward the rift.

It seemed...

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