Chapter 939: Split Them Up!

When Bai Xiaochun saw the two enormous faces of the twin Master Cloud Lightnings up in the sky, his heart began to pound. He had already tangled with them more than once in this trial by fire, and now here they were together. It had the potential to be a big problem, and therefore, he immediately sent Sun Wu, Big Fatty Zhang and Song Que away.

“This time, you’re dead, Bai Xiaochun!” howled the faces up above, their voices echoing like heavenly thunder. Subsequently, one of them shot toward Bai Xiaochun, and the other headed in the direction of Big Fatty Zhang, Sun Wu and Song Que.

Obviously, they didn't just plan to kill Bai Xiaochun, but also the people under his protection.

This new development occurred in the time it takes a spark to fly off of a piece of flint. When Bai Xiaochun realized what was happening, his anxiety spiked. Knowing that his three companions would never be able to escape, he swished his sleeve to gather them into his bag of holding.

As he did, cold gleams...

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