Chapter 935: Godkiller

When Bai Xiaochun looked up, it was as if the entire world had turned the color of blood. Waves began to roll out across the water that made up the swamp, and the countless entities which lived within it sensed Bai Xiaochun’s aura, and instinctively began to tremble!

Master Cloud Lightning’s heart was racing faster than it ever had in his entire life, and his mind was spinning in terror.

“Dammit, how could this Bai Xiaochun be so strong!?!?” he howled in his heart. “He’s not in the early Deva Realm!!”

All of a sudden, he realized how arrogant he had been, and cursed his decision to anger Bai Xiaochun. Even worse was his childish decision not to flee when he could have.

He felt like slapping himself in the face over and over again, and yet, all he could do was try to flee at top speed.

It was in that moment that Bai Xiaochun looked up. Because of...

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