Chapter 932: Are You Egging Me On?

When Bai Xiaochun’s face appeared up in the air, the Master Cloud Lightning whom Bai Xiaochun had not yet encountered happened to be flying along through the swamp in another location, his expression very grim.

When he sensed the deva fluctuations rolling out, his eyes flashed with cold light.

He was essentially the older brother of the twin Master Cloud Lightnings, who had once existed as one person with one body. Although a cultivation accident had split them into two, their minds were still connected, and they could communicate with each other via a secret magic.

The older brother already knew about everything which had occurred between Bai Xiaochun and his other half. As the fight had been playing out, he was in the plains area, separated from the desert by the swamp.

At that time, he had been too far away to be of any help, but had...

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