Chapter 918: A Different Type Of Deva

“He… ate the tribulation clouds?” The Nascent Soul cultivators on the deck were completely and utterly taken aback. They had never even imagined that something like this was possible.

“So that’s what devas can do….”

It would be hard for any of these people to be more shocked than they already were!

There were only a handful of devas in the eastern Heavenspan River region, and few cultivators ever had dealings with them. For most of the people present, this event was something they would commit to memory for a lifetime.

However, the cultivators from the other three great sects in the Middle Reaches were even more shocked than those from the delta and Lower Reaches.

After all, they had had close dealings with devas in the past, namely, their sects’ former patriarchs. And what was shocking was that none of them remembered those patriarchs doing anything like this!

This was heavenly tribulation!!

To devas, Nascent Soul tribulation lightning wasn’t anything...

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