Chapter 913: The Demigod Returns

Moments before....

The demigod patriarch of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect was a tall, thin man with long, steel-gray hair. He wore a white robe, and while handsome, currently flew along with a completely expressionless face. Furthermore, a glint of anxiety was just barely visible deep in his eyes.

Apparently, he was somewhat unsettled by whatever it was he had learned on his most recent trip to Heavenspan Island.

Although he was currently still above the Heavenspan Sea, he could clearly see the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect off in the distance.

Every time he left the sect and then came back, he liked to spend a bit of time marveling at the seven scintillating rainbows that made up the sect.

This time, though, when he finally caught sight of the sect up ahead, his jaw dropped, and he stopped flying.

No longer did he see seven dazzling rainbows. Instead, he saw seven black, shadowy objects floating on the horizon. In fact, his first reaction was to mistakenly think that he had gone to the wrong sect.

And yet, before he could even react, an...

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