Chapter 909: Breakup Pill....

On the morning of the third day after the demigod patriarch left, a huge boom erupted from the blue rainbow, startling numerous disciples in the sect.

“What was that sound?!”

“Scared me half to death! What’s going on?!”

“Dammit! Who did that? I was in the middle of cultivation, and nearly experienced energy deviation!!” Countless angry curses filled the air, and dozens of cultivators actually flew up into the air angrily to determine what was happening.

However, when they realized that the noise came from the blue rainbow, their eyes went wide with shock, and they flew back down to where they came from….

The boom came when ten pill furnaces exploded, and startled Bai Xiaochun so badly that he immediately sent out some divine sense to see if anyone was going to come berate him. He even instinctively began to come up with an explanation.

However, after a long moment passed… the clamor in the...

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