Chapter 904: You Dropped Something, Fellow Daoist Bai

Bai Xiaochun had already received the approval of the demigod patriarch, and was now just like the other devas, a prime elder of the sect. A single remark from him completely foiled Chen Hetian’s plan, a fact that Li Xiandao refused to believe the demigod patriarch didn’t realize. The fact that the patriarch had still not intervened went to show what was really going on.

“Well,” Li Xiandao thought, “this is probably the best opportunity to work things out with Bai Xiaochun.” He quickly performed an incantation gesture, causing a screen of light to spring out, covering the both of them and giving them a certain level of privacy. Then he patted his bag of holding to produce a jade pendant.

The surface of the pendant was carved with three dragons and six phoenixes, and possessed a remarkable aura. The dragons and phoenixes almost seemed alive, and caused a swirling mist to spring up in the area.

A single glance at the pendant would reveal that it was an extraordinary...

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