Chapter 903: It’s A Misunderstanding....

“What did I do to deserve this…?” Chen Hetian mourned, wishing he could weep. He felt even worse when he looked around at the devastation caused by the fighting earlier, including countless destroyed buildings and structures.

“Someone else kidnapped his friends, but he came looking for me….” he grumbled angrily. The main thing he was worried about was the possibility of this scenario playing out again, and then another time after that, and so on….

“However, this is also a good opportunity. If he gets into a fight with Li Xiandao, I can make a big fuss about it…. The demigod patriarch has surely noticed that Bai Xiaochun came to cause trouble. Although he didn’t say anything, if Bai Xiaochun keeps up with this sort of thing, the patriarch will not be pleased!” Eyes flashing brightly with anger, he sent a message to Li Xiandao, hoping to secure his cooperation in turning the situation into a disaster for Bai Xiaochun.


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