Chapter 899: Returning To The Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect

“Patriarch….” Bai Xiaochun said, a look of shock on his face. He had assumed the patriarch had come to give him a magical item, or perhaps some other rare object. Never could he have imagined that the gift would actually be the Frigid School’s true spirit….

“Um… Patriarch, I don’t think it’s really appropriate for you to give me this true spirit. She’s so important, and I’m so clumsy! What if I accidentally drop her or something? If something bad happened…. Why don’t you give her to someone else?” He really had a strange feeling about the patriarch giving him a coffin as a parting gift….

Although the coffin contained a true spirit, it was still very odd, and didn't seem very auspicious as far as Bai Xiaochun was concerned.

“Take her with you….” Patriarch Spirit Stream repeated. The reason he was giving the coffin and the true spirit to Bai Xiaochun was because of all the deadly close calls the River-Defying...

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