Chapter 898: Keep Her Safe....

In the Spirit Stream Division’s mountains in the River-Defying Sect, the monkey sat there with an alcohol flagon, sipping occasionally, a glint of pleasure in his eyes as he looked up at the face of Patriarch Spirit Stream.

“To be able to see this makes it all worth it. Even if I end up paying a steep price for returning… it was all worth it!” The monkey laughed heartily, and then looked in the direction of the Blood Stream Division, not at Bai Xiaochun, but rather… at the rabbit, who was on one of the mountains, a blank look in his eyes.

Occasionally, the rabbit came to his senses, and at other times, he was muddle-headed. At the moment, he was clearly in possession of his faculties, and was feeling deeply moved.

Cheering filled the sect. Bai Xiaochun was feeling very pleased. Plus, now that Patriarch Spirit Stream was a deva, it took a lot of the pressure off him.

He could now leave the River-Defying Sect and...

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