Chapter 897: Hold My Breath Today, Awaken Tomorrow

Because Bai Xiaochun had been so involved with the Undying Blood, and the shocking speed with which it drained his life force, he had failed to notice something happening with the Blood Ancestor.

As of this moment, he felt a sensation of grief and anger inside of him, as well as a profound level of focus!!

Furthermore, a heaven-shaking howl suddenly erupted into his ears.

“Hold my breath today, awaken tomorrow. When I arouse… I will fight!!”

Those few short words caused a sensation of profound astonishment to fill Bai Xiaochun. In fact, he almost felt as if the words had originated within himself.

The qi and blood fluctuations within the words were the same as his own. Whoever spoke those words also cultivated the Undying Codex!!

“The Blood Ancestor!” This was the first time he had ever been able to sense any emotions...

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