Chapter 895: Breaking The Shackle

Bai Xiaochun had finally resolved all of the crises facing the River-Defying Sect. He himself was now a deva patriarch of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect, and had put the River-Defying Sect in the position of being the absolute overlord of the Middle Reaches cultivation world.

On top of that, he had successfully concocted a Deva Pill for the extremely long-lived Patriarch Spirit Stream, giving him a very good chance of reaching the Deva Realm. Bai Xiaochun was very satisfied with everything.

At the moment, he stood outside of his immortal's cave, petting Bruiser’s head and looking around at the sect. The disciples were still busy with the renovation work, and were in very high spirits.

Feeling more than wonderful, he flicked his sleeve, stuck his chin up and murmured, “I'm happy. Everybody’s happy. I'm strong. The...

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