Chapter 892: The Shock Of The Hall of Steel Veins

The Undying Emperor’s Fist was currently the most powerful divine ability at Bai Xiaochun’s disposal. Especially the quintuple strength version. After all, even back when he wasn’t a deva, he could still use it to fight with someone in the mid Deva Realm.

Now, he was in the early Deva Realm, and although he had not yet stabilized his cultivation base completely, he could still fuse with heaven and earth. Furthermore, he was a rare Heaven-Dao deva, which in itself made up for many of the weaknesses caused by not having a chance to stabilize his place within the realm. As such, he had just unleashed… what was essentially a perfect attack!

With it, he completely blasted away three devas. Of course, these were not ordinary devas, and they had been working together. Although they had been grievously wounded, they had not yet reached the point where they couldn’t keep...

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