Chapter 883: The Hall of Steel Veins Mobilizes!

The patriarch from Polarity Quarter was none other than… Bai Lin’s grandfather!

His name was Bai Zhentian, and he had a cultivation base that could shake heaven and earth, as well as a very bad temper. Flames currently danced in his eyes as he stared at the Nascent Soul elder from the Polarity River Court, who was trembling physically as he prostrated in front of him.

“So, you’re telling me that the rumors are all true? And the patriarch of your Polarity River Court was the most useless of all and got killed?”

Shivering in fear, the elder replied, “It was all because of Patriarch Starry River! He--”

Before he could continue with his explanation, Bai Zhentian interrupted him with a furious shout, “Screw off!”

The rainbow outside trembled, and the elder tumbled backward, blood spraying out of his mouth as he was flung out of Bai Zhentian’s residence.

It was roughly at that time that Chen Hetian’s divine sense reached out, projecting his sinister voice into Bai Zhentian’s ears.

“Brother Bai, how do you want to handle this situation?!”

“How do I want to handle...

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