Chapter 881: This Is My First Time!


When Song Junwan crushed the Aphrodisiac Pill, it made a very familiar sound, a sound which stabbed into Bai Xiaochun’s ears and went deep into his mind.

Pink mist roiled out in all directions, enveloping both him and Song Junwan before he could even react.

“Aaaiiiiieee!” Without even thinking about it, he began to back away, but before he could take more than a few steps, a bewitching, soft, and curvaceous form grabbed him.

He suddenly realized that somewhere deep inside of him was a profound sense of anticipation. Blinking, he shouted, “No, don’t…! Wait, Wan'er! What are you doing? Aaagh! Don’t tear my clothes off! This is my first time…!”

His shrieks were particularly exaggerated, and although he seemed to be struggling to fight against the effects of the pink mist, he obviously wasn’t putting much heart into it.

The main...

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