Chapter 875: A Heavy Load And A Long Road

Bai Xiaochun was starting to get nervous. Therefore, he hurried up to the front lines. Considering that nobody knew what they were doing, he decided to take charge. Waving his hands and gesticulating wildly he said, “No, don’t dig there. Look at the ground. Who would put treasure there?! Look at that oversized vase right next to you. Now that’s a treasure!

“Look at all of you! Seriously…? Come come. Let me tell you how to do it. You 300 go and clear out those boulders over there. And you 300 get rid of the rubble of that temple over there!

“Now, for you 300, well, you have an even more important mission. You head to that restricted area over there and take everything you can get your hands on. Know what it does? Take it. Don’t know? Take it!

“The final 100 of you, come with me and just pick up whatever I tell you to. Oh, hey you… that’s actually not...

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