Chapter 873: Xiaochun?

Bai Xiaochun’s mind was almost a complete blank. He didn’t dare to descend into reminiscence. Instead, he focused on one thing!

“Uncle Li… you have to be alive….”

Anxiety gripped his heart, profound nervousness generated, not from fear for himself, but from the possibility that he might hear news that could crush him.

Mental pressure began to mount, and his cultivation base was going crazy. All of the anxiety and madness swirled together, making a cyclone that dimmed heaven and earth.

Bai Xiaochun moved so fast that not even Bruiser could keep up. He shot through the air alone, leaving thunderous sonic booms behind him as he went.


The massive sound caused by his passage attracted the attention of local cultivator clans, small-scale sects, and city after city. Everyone looked up in...

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