Chapter 865: How Dare You People!

“But they have three devas!” Hou Yunfei said remorsefully.

“Three… devas?” Master God-Diviner replied, suddenly not so convinced.

However, that was when Song Que turned back and said, “As long as they aren’t in the late stage, Bai Xiaochun will demolish them!”

Few people knew how terrifying and powerful Bai Xiaochun had become in the Wildlands. In fact, even Master God-Diviner assumed that most of the stories Bai Xiaochun had told him were exaggerations. But Song Que was different. Although he didn’t know every single detail about how powerful Bai Xiaochun was, he had a fairly good idea.

His father-in-law was a demigod, and his apprentice was the Hell-Emperor. In Arch-Emperor City, he had fought bitterly with devas, and had made enemies of the entire nobility and aristocracy. Not only did he come out of all of that unscathed, but his cultivation base had climbed the entire time. A person like that… couldn’t possibly be afraid of three little devas.

Besides, Song Que had seen Bai Xiaochun...

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