Chapter 859: Mural. Live Forever.

Just inside the cabin was a staircase leading down. Upon entering, Bai Xiaochun couldn't see Song Que, but did catch a glimpse of Master God-Diviner at the bottom of the stairs.

He hurried forward and then climbed cautiously down the stairs, which put him on the first deck below the main deck!

The instant he stepped onto deck 1, he caught sight of both Song Que and Master God-Diviner, looking around with wide eyes.

The fact that they were both there unharmed caused Bai Xiaochun to breathe a sigh of relief. Without any hesitation, he hurried over to their side.

Deck 1 wasn’t very large, and much like the main deck, was completely empty, except for another staircase off in the distance, leading further down.

However, the bulkheads were covered with a massive mural!

It depicted the sky. It was not an ordinary blue sky, but rather, looked more like an ocean covered with waves. In...

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